Math 520B
Algebra -- Doctoral Core II

Fall Semester, 2005

Assignments not labelled as “written assignments” are simply exercises designed to prepare you for the weekly quizzes. Discussion with others on these exercises is permitted. Be careful, however, to avoid passive participation in such discussions.

Neither collaboration nor discussion is permitted on the written assignments.

PDF and DVI (requires TeX software) versions of this page are available for printing.

Assignments are listed by the date due. When an assignment sheet has mathematical content, the primary web form of that item will be the modern XML form of HTML extended by MathML that will not be handled by some web browsers. For more about this see a short paragraph “Web Browsing Advice”.

Wed., Dec. 14:
Final Examination, 3:30-5:30

Fri., Dec. 9:
Written Assignment No. 5 (also available as PDF or classic HTML)

Wed, Thu, Fri., Nov. 23-25:
University Recess

Fri., Nov. 18:
Written Assignment No. 4 (also available as PDF or classic HTML)

Fri., Nov. 11:
Handout on Matrices in a PID (also available as PDF or classic HTML)

Fri., Nov. 4:
University Recess

Mon., Oct. 31:
Written Assignment No. 3 (also available as PDF or classic HTML)

Mon., Oct. 10:
Written Assignment No. 2 (also available as PDF or classic HTML)

Mon, Tue, Wed., Oct. 3-5:
University Recess

Fri., Sep. 16:
Written Assignment No. 1 (also available as PDF or classic HTML)

Mon., Sep. 5:
University Recess

Mon., Aug. 29:
First Meeting

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