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Current and Forthcoming Courses

Information for students currently in my courses and, as available, information on the courses that I am planning to teach.

What every undergraduate Math Major should know about mathematics

I view this as a question about horizons rather than as a question about the syllabus for a minimum competency exam.

Comments on the Advanced Linear Algebra Course for instructors (a draft).

Course Notes

Notes on Continued Fractions and the Euclidean Algorithm
Prepared for Classical Algebra, Spring 1997.
Supplementary notes on Infinite Series
Prepared for Honors Calculus II, Spring 1996. Revised for Honors Calculus II, Spring 1997.
Supplementary notes on Newton's Tangent Method
Prepared for Honors Calculus I, Fall 1995.
Notes on the Gamma Function
Originally prepared for Honors Calculus II, Spring 1995.
Review sheet on Curve and Surface Integrals for Calculus 3
Prepared in the mid 70's and used repeatedly.

Course-Related Programs

Maple Code for arithmetic on elliptic curves
This is a package of routines prepared for my course in Number Theory, Spring 1994. These routines were written to reflect what was done in class. Some of them are not efficient. For extensive work I recommend the use of the "gp" interface to PARI. Some information on PARI is available at this site.

My Favorite "Prelim" Question

What is the Pontrjagin dual of the additive group of the field of rational numbers endowed with the discrete topology?