Web References to Barycentric Coordinates

Supplement for Math 331

February 1, 2002

The following is a short list of web references on barycentric coordinates found quickly with the search engine Google.

Ken Joy's Online Computer Graphic Notes on Barycentric Coordinates

Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics
Weissstein's World of Mathematics at Wolfram is often a good place to look for mathematical information on the web.

Alexander Bogomolny's Barycentric Coordinates
With a reference to Ceva's Theorem.

Paul Wiu has a formal article.
An article presented in PDF format, not HTML, entitled The Uses of Homogeneous Barycentric Coordinates in Plane Euclidean Geometry (There appear to be rendering glitches in my PDF reader.)

John Conway's extensive comment on Trilinear vs. Barycentric Coordinates
Part of a rather advanced discussion at The Math Forum. Conway compares several different ways of using the vertices of a given triangle to spawn a coordinate system in the plane.

References to this course as presented in the Spring of 1999
Line segments and triangles
Affine maps and transformations
Affine map with prescribed values
Distance-preserving affine maps
Change of barycentric coordinates