Boris Korenblum

Boris Korenblum is Professor of Mathematics at the University at Albany (SUNY).

Professor Korenblum received his D.Sc. in 1956 from Moscow State University. In 1974-77 he was Professor of Mathematics at the Tel-Aviv University (Israel), and in 1977 he was a Member of the School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton, NJ). He has been Professor at the University at Albany since 1977.

In 1978 he gave an invited address at the International Congress of Mathematicians (Helsinki, Finland).

His main research interests are classical harmonic analysis, functional analysis, Banach algebras, and complex analysis.

In November 2003 a special meeting on Bergman Spaces and Related Topics in Complex Analysis was held in his honor on the occasion of his 80th birthday. There are local copies of the Opening Words by Professor Krisitan Seip of Trondheim and of the conference presentation Blaschke Sets for Bergman Spaces (PDF -- also available as DVI) by Professor Korenblum.

Selected Publications of Boris Korenblum

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  2. “Closed ideals of ring A^{n}”, Func. Anal. and Applic. (Moscow), 1972, v. 6, 37-53.

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  4. “A Beurling-type theorem”, Acta Math., 1977, v. 138, 263-291.

  5. “Cyclic vectors in A^{INFTY}” (with L. Brown), Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 1987, v. 101, 137-138.

  6. “Transformation of zero sets by contractive operators in the Bergman space”, Bull. Sci. Math. (2), 1990, v. 114, 385-394.

  7. “A maximum principle for the Bergman space”, Publicacions Math., 1991, v. 35, 479-486.

  8. Theory of Bergman Spaces (a book, with H. Hedenmalm and K. Zhu), Springer, 2000.

  9. “Concurrence of Uniqueness and Boundedness Conditions for Regular Sequences” (with J. Racquet), Complex Variables, 2000, v. 41, 231-239.

  10. “Jensen type inequalities and radial null sets” (with C. Beneteau), Analysis, 2001, v. 21, 99-105.

  11. “Classical properties of low-dimensional conductors” (with E. Rashba), Phys. Rev. Letters, 2002, v. 89, no. 9.

  12. “Some coefficient estimates for H^{p} functions” (with C. Beneteau), Proc. of the International Conference in Karmiel (Israel), to appear.

April 12, 2004