TeX-Related Information

TUG's TeXLive Distribution
"TeX Live is by common consensus the single easiest way to get up and running with TeX." (LaTeX, too.)

MS Windows users: Important update for the 2003 distribution

AMS TeX Resources

Beginner's Introduction to Typesetting with LaTeX
By Peter Flynn of Silmaril Consultants and the University of Cork (Ireland)
The PDF file for this excellent introduction is an example of PDF made from LaTeX that was, in turn, generated by an XSLT "style sheet" from XML document source prepared under a customized version of the "DocBook" XML document type. More materials related to this process may be found on CTAN:
CTAN -- Comprehensive TeX Archive Network: site list
There is a CTAN site in the United States. University at Albany users will probably get optimal service from http://ctan.tug.org/.

Hans Hagen's TeX-based text processing system with hooks for XML. Possibly the finest TeX-based system for layout-intensive materials.

Czechoslovak TeX Users Group (CSTUG)

DVIPS: The Official Home Page (Tomas Rokicki)
"dvips" is a utility for converting from DVI format to PostScript

Effective Scientific Electronic Publishing
Guidelines from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory by Markus G. Kuhn.

Eijkhout's "TeX By Topic" online

Emerge PDF Zone: Adobe Acrobat PDF Resources
for information about Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).

Emerge PDF Zone: Adobe Acrobat-related shareware and freeware
This site has pointers to many freeware and shareware tools for manipulating Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF).

GELLMU, from Bill Hammond
GELLMU stands for "Generalized Extensible LaTeX-Like MarkUp", a project in early design

Geoffrey Tobin's TeX Software Page

GhostScript, GhostView, and GSView


LaTeX/TeX Navigator
A great deal of information on LaTeX and TeX at LORIA: Laboratoire Lorrain de Recherche en Informatique et ses Applications

NTS: A New Typesetting System
A project, under the umbrella of the Dante organization, to re-construct TeX, the Program, so that it can be extended and modified.

Netherlands TeX Users Group
The location of interesting new developments

PDF TeX (in French)
Guide to the use of TeX for creating PDF documents.

Plain TeX Quick Reference
A PDF document at New Mexico Tech

Pointers to LaTeX information (C. Rodriguez)

Pointers to TeX Frequently Asked Questions (TUG)
Local copy, made 15 Nov 1999 of a plain text original posted to Usenet. The current version of the document may be found at the URL http://tug.org/tex-ptr-faq.

TUG: The TeX User's Group

TeX -- Frequently Asked Questions

TeX Resources on the Web (TUG)
This is a list originally compiled for the TeX Users Group by Sebastian Rahtz, with the help of Michel Goossens and Barbara Beeton, and many other contributors.

TeX-related documentation (Cambridge Univ, U.K.)

Technology Review article about Donald Knuth (Oct 1999 issue)

University of Utah Math Department TeX Resources
See also the offerings of Nelson Beebe and a local copy of a recent posting by Beebe to the LaTeX mailing list.

Using LaTeX to Create PDF Documents

Yahoo TeX Collection

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