Miscellaneous Information About Computing

Apache Software Foundation
An umbrella organization for a number of large free software projects including the apache web server.

Archive of UseNet FAQ's at Ohio State

Brave GNU World
Online GNU newsletter begun in 1999.

Compilers and interpreters for computer languages (N. Carolina)

Computer Literacy Bookshop

Configuring Mail Programs to Send Plain Text
By Gerald E. Boyd, a retired IBM systems programmer.

EFF Archives - an Electronic Civil Liberties Library
From the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF).

Eric Raymond on The Cathedral and the Bazaar
A comparison and analysis of two software development styles. It argues that "the commercial world cannot win an evolutionary arms race with free-software communities that can put orders of magnitude more skilled time into a problem". Linux and the author's fetchmail are examples behind the author's theme. During March 1998 Mozilla Organization had a pointer to this article.

Free Software Directory (GNU)
Important location of source code for free software that runs under free operating systems, a project of the Free Software Foundation and UNESCO.

Free Software at Source Forge
The world's largest Open Source software development website, with the largest repository of Open Source code and applications available on the Internet.

GNU Awk User's Guide (at Cornell)

GNU Emacs -- Frequently Asked Questions

GNU Emacs Reference Card
The list of Emacs commands for reference included in the standard GNU Emacs distribution. This material is available under the terms of the GNU Public License.
GNU Manifesto

GNU Public License

GhostScript, GhostView, and GSView

Halloween Documents
How is the bazaar perceived inside the cathedral?

Information about SGML
SGML stands for "Standard Generalized Markup Language"; HTML is the most familiar example.

Information from Sun Microsystems on Java
There is further material on Java in our local network file system.

Information on "PGP"

LiPS: A Library for Parallel Systems
Site at the Technical University of Darmstadt. See local copy of the LiPS announcement from February, 1993.

Linux Documentation Project
Other sources of Linux information: Additional information on "linux" may be found by campus math users in "/math/local/pcinfo/linux".

OASIS : Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards

Object Management Group (OMG)
Home of CORBA: Common Object Request Broker Architecture. A design to address the need for interoperability among the rapidly proliferating number of hardware and software products available today.

Open Source Page

Sun Solaris Documentation for University at Albany Users
Information found in this area includes:

UNICODE Consortium
The 256 character ISOLatin character set is not nearly big enough. XML is based on Unicode.

UTF-8 and Unicode FAQ (Markus Kuhn, Cambridge, UK)

Unix Guru Universe

Unix Help: A Tutorial from Edinburgh University

Well-Tempered Unix Applications FAQ

Users on the local Albany Department of Mathematics and Statistics network may find additional information in the following locations:

Miscellaneous Documentation Zone
A somewhat sporadic collection of documents on various topics other than mathematics, mostly computer-related.

Campus Site for the Download of PC Software
Campus users only.

SUNYA Advanced Technology Group
Information about software for campus users only.

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