Computer Algebra Systems and Mathematical Computation

ACE: Algebraic Combinatorics Environment
ACE is a Maple, i.e., MapleV, library devoted to algebraic combinatorics from the University of Marne-la-Vallée.

Computer Algebra Information Network (CAIN)

GAMS: Guide to Available Mathematical Software
There is now also a Web page available under the URL

GAP: Groups, Algorithms and Programming
Computational group theory package. For local use there is local copy of the GAP manual.

KAnt/KASH: Library and Shell Interface for Algebraic Number Theorists

LiDIA: Information on a Library for Computational Number Theory

MAGMA: A System for Algebra, Number Theory, and Geometry

Macaulay: A System for Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Maple: Information About a General Purpose Mathematical System

Mathematica: Information About a General Purpose Mathematical System

NETLIB Repository of Mathematical Software, Papers, and Databases

Number Theoretic Computing Resource Pointers
Part of the Number Theory Web (K. Matthews)

Numerical Recipes Home Page at Harvard Smithsonian Lab
Text and code for about 350 proprietary routines for scientific computing. The code cannot be used without a license. There are use restrictions on the material available through this site.

PARI/GP: Library and Shell Interface for Number Theory

Richard Fateman's Web Site (Berkeley)
Richard Fateman is a Professor of Computer Science at Berkeley who specializes in scientific programming.

SIMATH: Information on a Package for Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry

SLATEC (Public Domain) Common Mathematical Library via Gopher

SLATEC (from alternate source)

UseNet newsgroup sci.math.research

freeLIP: Information on a Large Integer Package

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