E-mail to Mathematical Journals

Local copy of http://www.math.uchicago.edu/journals.html made 05 April 1997

Here is, in my humble opinion, an extremely useful list of e-mail addresses for mathematical journals. Use these for submitting papers and referee reports, making inquires about the status of a paper, and other similar communications. If you are truly impatient, you can click on an address and send e-mail there immediately.

Journals edited at math departments

Other journals

About the lists...

The addresses are all in the form jrnl@math.school.edu or jrnl@math.school.country, except for journals which are not edited at math departments. This convention ensures that the e-mail addresses are stable; they will not ordinarily change if the editors change or the computer systems that have the journals' computer accounts change. Keeping in mind the convention, please send additions or corrections to ed@math.uchicago.edu.