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The real Heisenberg group HsnR is the analytic Cartesian product T × R n× R n of the group T of complex numbers of absolute value 1 with two copies of the n-dimensional real row space R n, under the group law u,x·v,y=uv bx,y,x +y, where, for x=x, x, y=y, y in W = R n× R n, b is the T-valued bi-additive function on W defined by bx,y= e x yt , with t denoting transpose and e t denoting exp2πit. The Schrödinger representation U of HsnR is its representation in the Hilbert space L2 R n that sends t,x (for t T, xW) to the operator ΦΦ =U t, xΦ, where (1) Φ z=t e x ztΦz+x for t T ,x W, z R n.

Scratch area

Primes as operators: x= x, x

Ascii primes inside mi: x= x', x''

Primes inside msup x= x, x x= x, x

Compare: e x y t with e x z t

When one of the unicode primes is viewed outside of MathML, one should be able to see what is in the font: x′