Resources for Dealing with Encryption Problems

March 28, 2001

1.  Conversion between text and numbers

Note that some schemes involve converting sequences of, perhaps ten, characters simultaneously to numbers. One method, of course, is manual table lookup. A table for conversion to ASCII is available with a simple encryption example. Conversion between text and numbers can be done in many ways with a computer program written in almost any programming language.

Conversion of text to ASCII decimal

Example of a program in the language ``C'' for converting text to ASCII: anum.c.

Conversion of ASCII decimal to text

Example of a program in the language ``C'' for converting ASCII to text: numa.c.

2.  Encryption of sequences of numbers

Maple code

Code for computing a high power of a sequence of numbers for a given modulus: hipo.

Sample Maple session

A sample Maple session for encoding and then decoding the ASCII decimal sequence for the word ``Tomorrow'': msession.