Honors Calculus II
Call Number 6873

January 19, 2005

TIME OF MEETING:Mon. Wed. Fri. 10:25 - 11:20; Tue. 11:45 - 12:40
INSTRUCTOR:W. F. Hammond, ES 137A, phone 442-4625.
Office hours: Mon. & Wed. 2:45-3:30 , or by appt.
Campus Email: hammond
World Wide Web:
TEXT:James Stewart, Single Variable Calculus, 5th Edition,
Thomson Brooks/Cole, 2003, ISBN 0-534-39366-7
PRE-REQUISITE:Math 118, or Math 112 with the grade of A or permission of the instructor.


Math 119 explores the topics of the Math 113 syllabus in greater depth by reducing the amount of time spent reviewing earlier mathematical topics. (Math 113 is standard second semester calculus.)

The list of topics covered includes the analytic geometry of conic sections, polar coordinates, applications of integration, techniques for finding anti-derivatives, infinite series and the representation of functions by power series. This material corresponds to Chapters 6-9 and 11-12 in the text.

The objective is to understand calculus and to be able not just to know how to solve problems but to figure out how to solve problems.

Problem sets given as homework assignments will not be collected for scoring in order to permit free discussion. The quizzes will be designed to check knowledge gained by working the assignments. Occasional written assignments may be used to supplant quizzes.


Final examination100Wed., May 11, 8:00 - 10:00
Midterm test50Wed., Mar. 16, in class
Weekly tests (10 @ 5 each)50sometimes by surprise
Total weight200 


Attendance at class meetings is a requirement for passing the course unless the student has been granted a special exception in advance. Unexcused absence may result in failure or grade reduction. There will be no excused absences from tests except for compelling emergencies and religious holidays, as provided by State law and University regulations.