About My Writing Intensive Division
of Abstract Algebra (Mat 327Z)

Call No. 2863

William F. Hammond

Fall Semester, 2005

The University's upper division writing requirement is based on the concept of discipline-oriented writing. In this course the writing exercises will involve (i) presenting mathematical problem solutions and (ii) writing mathematical arguments. Students in the writing intensive section must complete all the written assignments in a satisfactory manner. (It will not be possible to elude any of these assignments.)

Students enrolled in Math 327Z will not receive a grade higher than C- without satisfactory use of mathematical English on tests and quizzes and particularly on the submitted assignments.

Satisfactory use of mathematical English for this course requires satisfactory use of general English prose at a level that probably alone suffices for handling the upper division writing requirement for courses in some of the other disciplines. Additionally the student needs to learn how to present mathematics in writing.

In short, Math 327Z does not offer an easy way to satisfy the upper division writing requirement.

Students who have yet to satisfy the lower division writing intensive requirement may not register for my division of MAT 327Z.

Past experience has shown that some mathematics students who have attempted to satisfy the University's upper division writing intensive requirement in this course have had serious trouble in the course because of overall non-mathematical difficulties with their writing.

For this reason the following procedure will be used to control admission to my writing intensive division:

  1. Register for my regular division (call no. 2862) of Abstract Algebra (Mat 327). No SKN should be required unless the section fills.

  2. Prepare a formal, carefully written and typeset, essay of 300 to 600 words in length, describing what was for you the most interesting topic covered in the pre-requisite course Classical Algebra (Math 326). Attach an appendix to the essay giving

    1. the name under which you are registered at the University.

    2. your campus identification number.

    3. the total number of graduation credits you expect to have completed by the end of the current semester.

    4. the course that was used to satisfy your lower division writing intensive requirement and the semester in which you took that course.

  3. Submit the essay at the class meeting on Wednesday, August 31.