GELLMU: A Bridge
from LaTeX to XML

TUG 2001
University of Delaware
Newark, Delaware (USA)
August, 2001

© 2001-2006 William F. Hammond
© 2001-2006 Research Foundation of SUNY

Last Revision: 15 Aug 2006

Some of these things, especially the slide scripts, are developmental. Please report any errors that you find in these documents and any bugs that you find trying to re-build any of these materials. Send reports to

Small revisions, not fully tested, of some of the formatters have been used for preparing these materials. When the revised versions have been fully tested, they will be posted here.

PP4/PDF Incremental Slides for TUG 2001 (landscape).
This is the PDF file that was actually used (with identified minor mistakes corrected). It is configured to provoke "Acrobat Reader" into full screen mode. Use "Pg Dn" and "Pg Up" to navigate. With the free-standing reader one can escape full screen mode using the "ESC" key and return using "Control-L". The free program xpdf, available from, may be put in full screen mode using a command line argument.
XHTML+MathML version of the slides.
The code for this automatic 2006 formatting of the original source markup from 2001 was not written until the summer of 2004.
classical HTML version of the slides.
In 2001 the handling in HTML of the math display foreshadowed future provision of automatic translation of article to XHTML plus MathML, which was not available at the time of the presentation in 2001, but has been available since the fall of 2004. The classical HTML formatting still provides reasonably accessible, if somewhat ugly, rendering of mathematics. The authomatically generated HTML markup is designed to provoke horizontally overscanned rendering of the displaymath element in GELLMU article.

The HTML versions of the slides were prepared from the same XML source as the PDF version of the slides. See more on this below.

Final pre-publication revision of paper for the proceedings:
GELLMU article with default formattings
Landscape PDF for screens
Withheld while the formatter for landscape PDF is under revision.
Production of the Slides
The slides were written as a GELLMU article in which each section represents a slide and any subsection content in a section represents accompanying description. The source, as usual, was translated into an XML document from which all subsequent automatic formatting was done. The landscape PDF slides were made using a modified LaTeX formatter, while the HTML version of the slides was made using the standard HTML formatter. The standard LaTeX formatter yielded a presenter's script, while a different modified LaTeX formatter was used to make portrait transparency slides.
GELLMU tarball on CTAN: support/gellmu/.
Online versions of the GELLMU Manual.
The FAQ is also available in DVI format.
Online Examples Archive.
Special for-latex formatter for transparency portrait slides.
Special for-pdflatex formatter for PP4/PDF landscape slides using the regular LaTeX slides package.
gpp4slide.sty, a modified version of pp4slide.sty

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