Putting Math on the Web the Correct Way

AMS-MAA Special Presentation

William F. Hammond

San Diego, January 7, 2008

The AMS-MAA Special Presentation session of this title was organized by myself with Paulo Ney de Souza of the University of California, Berkeley, and Mathematical Sciences Publishers, and Patrick Ion of Mathematical Reviews. The session was moderated by Patrick Ion.

There were presentations of 30 minutes each by

  1. Hammond

  2. de Souza

  3. Robert Miner of Design Science.

The three presentations were followed by a 30 minute question period.

The slides used for my talk are in the modern form of HTML extended by MathML (and W3C's “Slidy”), which I find to be a more satisfactory slide presentation format than PDF slides.

Use 'b' to make a slide bigger or 's' to make it smaller.
Use arrow keys to maneuver through the slides.
The Slides
Firefox (no UMSS)
IE with MathPlayer (UMSS)

Since the San Diego meeting, and partly with influence from the presentation by Robert Miner, I have come to see the hybrid format “HTML with jsMath” (by Davide Cervone of Union College) as a good choice for accommodating web requests from browsers not yet supporting MathML since it provides two layers of “fallback”.